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  • Mohamed Tohami

    Founder & Chief Dreamer


    Named #1 Startups Thought Leader by Thinkers360, the world's first open platform for thought leaders & influencers.


    Tohami is a serial entrepreneur, #1 Amazon bestselling author of five books, and one of the highest-paid marketing consultants in the region.


    Tohami is the founder of three companies ...


    Passion Point, helping unfulfilled employees start and grow their own passion-based businesses.


    Chess Your Child, Egypt's #1 academy for teaching kids chess as a character-building tool.


    And 30YRS, a disruptive digital advertising agency that specializes in creating Facebook ads that sell.


    Tohami is a mentor and program manager at the Founder Institute (FI).


    FI is the world's largest idea-stage accelerator, with chapters in over 180 cities and across the globe. FI's mission is to empower communities of talented and motivated people to build impactful technology companies worldwide.


    And he is also a member of the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Committee at the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt.


    Tohami is a blessed father of 3 kids and a black-belt Aikido practitioner :-)

  • Amir Hegazi
    Bestselling Author of Startup Arabia

    Mohamed Tohami is a well-prepared professional who has done his homework and is genuinely interested in entrepreneurship and educating and inspiring his listeners. I highly recommend.

    Patrick McGinnis

    Bestselling Author of The 10% Entrepreneur

    Tohami is firmly committed to empowering people to start their own businesses but in a way that is tailored to the moment.

    Mike Michalowicz

    Bestselling Author of Fix This Next

    "Mohamed Tohami has created a remarkable system to help you start and grow your own passion-based business. If you want a safe, easy & fulfilling transition from employee to entrepreneur, then I highly recommend you follow his guidance."

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  • Amazon #1 Bestseller

    الأسطورة سبعة رواية مثيرة وملهمة إلى أبعد الحدود

    بمجرد البدء في قراءة صفحاتها الأولى ستدخل في عالم من الإثارة والمشاعر المتدفقة ولن تستطيع تركها إلا وقد أنهيت قراءة كلماتها الأخيرة الملهمة

    بعد الإنتهاء من قراءة الرواية ستبدأ في إحياء كل أحلامك المؤجلة وستعرف الوصايا السبع لكي تحيا بشغف وتترك بصمتك المميزة في الحياة

    إذا كنت من عشاق رواية الخيميائي لباولو كويلو، فستقع في عشق هذه الرواية الفريدة من نوعها


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