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  • Discover the Secret Blueprint: How to Turn Your Passion into a Profitable Business – As Featured on the Middle East's #1 Business Podcast!

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  • Books

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    The Pharaohs' Code

    Creating a Joyful Life and a Lasting Legacy


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    A Proven 4-Step System To Connect With Successful People

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    Midway Simplicity

    100 Practical Tips To Simplify Your Life & Enjoy More with Less

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    Perk Up Your Profits

    Great Leaders Keep Profits High, and People Happy


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    الأسطورة سبعة

    تعرف على الوصايا السبع لكي تحيا بشغف وتترك بصمتك المميزة في الحياة

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    How To Take Your Brand From Silence To Spotlight


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    Elevate Your Impact: Revealing the Secrets of Market Dominance

    Take the lead in your industry as your powerful brand becomes everyone's favorite, easily outshining others.

  • ATHR Awards

    The world's first award program that honors impact-driven entrepreneurs around the world.

  • Signature Programs

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    Passion To Profit

    Turn Your Passion Into A Profitable Business Using an International Award-Winning Program.

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    The Big Ad Academy

    The Largest Online Marketing & Advertising School In The Middle East.

  • Michael E. Gerber

    Bestselling Author of The E-Myth

    "Tohami has created a stunning system to enable people to discover their passion ... to discover a new path. Connect with Tohami and find out how he does the miraculous things he does. I believe you will be as astonished as I am."

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    Amir Hegazi
    Bestselling Author of Startup Arabia

    Mohamed Tohami is a well-prepared professional who has done his homework and is genuinely interested in entrepreneurship and educating and inspiring his listeners. I highly recommend.

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    Patrick McGinnis

    Bestselling Author of The 10% Entrepreneur

    Tohami is firmly committed to empowering people to start their own businesses but in a way that is tailored to the moment.

    Mike Michalowicz

    Bestselling Author of Fix This Next

    "Mohamed Tohami has created a remarkable system to help you start and grow your own passion-based business. If you want a safe, easy & fulfilling transition from employee to entrepreneur, then I highly recommend you follow his guidance."

  • Podcast

    #1 Business Podcast In Egypt 2023

  • About Mohamed Tohami


    With the distinction of being an Amazon Bestselling Author and the founder of three successful companies, Tohami has become an internationally recognized authority in the world of entrepreneurship.


    His notable accomplishments have earned him the prestigious Stevie® Awards, where he was recognized as the Best Business Influencer of the Year, Best Entrepreneur of the Year, and for his Achievement in Thought Leadership.


    In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Tohami is the visionary behind the ATHR Awards, a groundbreaking program that honors impact-driven entrepreneurs on a global scale. This innovative initiative showcases his commitment to empowering and celebrating passionate individuals who create positive change in the world.


    As a member of the elite Entrepreneurs' Leadership Network, Emirates Entrepreneurship Association, and the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Committee at the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, Tohami's influence extends beyond his own ventures. He has also been recognized as the number one Startups Thought Leader by Thinkers360, solidifying his status as a trusted voice in the startup community.


    Furthermore, Tohami's passion for mentoring and nurturing future leaders is demonstrated through his involvement as a mentor at the Founder Institute and his role as a judge at the esteemed Africa's Business Heroes (ABH) competition. He also imparts his knowledge and guidance as a startup mentor at the AUC School of Business and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), regarded as the world's top university.


    Beyond his professional accomplishments, Tohami finds fulfillment as a blessed father of three children and as a black-belt Aikido practitioner, showcasing his dedication to personal growth and balanced well-being.


    With his wealth of experience, global recognition, and unwavering commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, Mohamed Tohami continues to inspire and empower individuals around the world, making a lasting impact on the business landscape.

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