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The Easiest Way To Start Your Own Business

The day my first book was an Amazon bestseller, I was so confused!

“What should I spend the rest of my life doing?” I wondered.

Should I quit my job, focus on growing my passion and starting my own business? Or rather stay, because I earn a good income to pay my bills and I'm able to provide for my family?

If you’ve been living a corporate life for almost ten years now, you are probably wondering about the same.

I spent ten years trying to figure a way out, before I realized that I could start a...


That’s a micro business you can also start BY YOURSELF, beside your current job. When the side business grows to a level where it can take on a life of its own, then you can safely quit your job to be your own boss and realize your full potential.

The SIDE BUSINESS is the easiest and safest way to continue the rest of your life making more money by doing what you love.

In fact, starting your own business has never been risky. It comes with its own challenges, as everything in life has its pros and cons and challenges. So, it is less risky compared to having a job.

Ironically, starting your own business is much safer than having a job, or in other words, having a single source of income.

The popular statistic that says, “80% of startups fail in the first 2 years.” doesn’t mean that entrepreneurship is risky. It ONLY means that people who start a business are doing it the wrong way.

This is true because most people start a business without proper entrepreneurship education.

To start a SIDE BUSINESS, you only need to master two things:

1. Offer

You must learn how to package your passion in the form of a product or service that solves a problem for a specific group of people.

2. Magnet

You must learn how to build a simple marketing system that attracts and converts your ideal customers like clockwork.

If you can’t masterfully do these two things on a very small scale of a SIDE BUSINESS, then it is extremely risky to think about doing it on a bigger scale, even if you have all the funds you need. Money was never an issue or a factor in your success or failure in business.

To sum up, starting your own business is the smartest way to secure your financial future, pursue your passion and make more money while helping other people.

To begin your SIDE BUSINESS journey, determine a field you’re passionate about, examine what other people are doing in that field, invent a better or a different way to solve a problem, then start offering it to people in a very small scale beside your current job.

In a wink, as your side business grows, you will be confident to take the leap and do it FULL TIME.

Passion Is King!

Mohamed Tohami

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