• "In 4 Simple Steps, You Can Build Your Own Passion-Based Business And Start Making a Legendary Contribution To The World!"

    By Mohamed Tohami, Amazon #1 Bestseller Author,
    Chief Dreamer & Founder at Passion Point

  • Important Facts


    of employees are not engaged in the workplace


    of Egyptians perceive entrepreneurship as a good career choice


    are actively setting up a new business or have started a business that's younger than 3.5 years.


    of startups fail in the first 2 years, not because entrepreneurship is risky, but because most people start their businesses without a clear plan or proper business education


    of businesses in Egypt fail due to lack of profitability or problems getting financing. Most people start without a solid marketing strategy, hoping that when they build it, customers will come.

  • Why Do You Want To Become a Business Owner?

    It boils down to three main reasons:
    1. Freedom: Be your own boss and have no limits to your dreams, creativity and ambitions
    2. Significance: Live a life you can be proud of knowing that you do something that matters everyday
    3. Wealth: It's obvious that the wealthiest people on earth are business owners. They are rich in both; money and wisdom

  • What Stops You?

    Why 62.6% are hesitant to start their own business ...


    You have no idea what kind of business you can start and succeed in


    You are afraid of failure and losing your stable job


    You don't have enough money to start a successful business

  • The Simple Solution

    It's called THE SIDE BUSINESS ... and here's how it works ...



    Pick a field you're passionate about and curious enough to study and explore.



    Study and practice your passion daily, build a supportive network and examine the market trends and offers



    Use your passion to solve a specific problem, in a better way, for a precise group of people.



    Start a very small profitable business BESIDE your current job using Tohami's unique Minimal Business Formula®

  • What Happens Next?

    When you master the simple marketing strategy you're going to learn, and have a consistent flow of customers, you can safely quit your job and pursue your business full-time
    And for the first time ever, you will sense the joy and freedom of living your life on your own terms ... and you will be on your way to become a legend doing work you love!

  • Based on a True Story!

    ... of Starting 3 Successful Businesses

    After 10 years of researches, trials and errors, Tohami discovered a NEW unique way to start a small passion-based business ... simply and safely.


    As a result, on Jan 2012, he quit his job as a successful telecommunication engineer in a big multinational company, to pursue his first business venture as a professional speaker.


    Although, it was one of the toughest economical times in modern Egypt's history, his business thrived and his formula worked like magic.


    A few years later, he started his second business using the exact same formula. It is called Chess Your Child, Egypt's #1 academy for teaching kids chess as a great tool for character building.


    On Jan 2016, he started his third business, Passion Point. A company that strives to provide the world's best education and supportive ecosystem for aspiring entrepreneurs.


    After 7 years of successful track record and hundreds of success stories, Passion To Profit was endorsed by the world's #1 entrepreneurship guru, Michael E. Gerber. He is the author of the all-time bestselling business book, The E-Myth.


    You can watch below what he said about Passion To Profit System®... 

  • Michael E. Gerber Endorses Passion To Profit®

    Named The World's #1 Entrepreneurship Guru, by Inc. Magazine

  • Here's a Sample of What You're Going To Learn

    ...and there is much more!

    • The Passion Menu Method®: Discover your passion in less than 7 minutes with a very simple exercise
    • How to connect with influential people in your field for mentorship and support
    • How to find profitable business ideas using the Amazon bestsellers technique
    • How to express your ideas and test your market needs
    • How to differentiate your business and win over your competition using Tohami's famous 3-part positioning formula
    • How to start a profitable business with minimum resources using The Minimal Business Formula®
    • How to create your most powerful sales tool by writing your brand story
    • How to build a marketing system that generates a consistent flow of customers using the FB/Website Marketing Machine
    • ... and much much more!

    Why 3200+ People Trusted Passion To Profit® as Their Preferred Choice for Entrepreneurial Success

    The World’s Easiest Entrepreneurship Program

    ... tailored for unfulfilled employees with 5-10 years of experience

    Egypt’s 1st Community

    Join Egypt’s 1st community of passionate people and aspiring entrepreneurs


    The only risk-free approach to transition from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur

    System Solution

    Follow a PRACTICAL step by step SYSTEM with a 100% success track record over the past 7 years

    World Class Support

    Enjoy different levels of implementation support tailored for your specific needs. Whether it is online support, community support or private coaching with a certified Passion To Profit coach, you will find everything you need to apply Passion To Profit system and start your own business.

    Big Dream

    Be part of a bigger dream of transforming the state of unfulfilled employees worldwide

  • Become Our Next Success Story

    Watch some of our most inspiring success stories ...

    Mohamed Abbas

    Passion: Fiction Writing

    From a successful engineer to a full time fiction author and founder of Fiction Factory

    Eman El Gamal

    Passion: Soap Making

    From a dentist to a soap maker and founder of Emy's Handmade Soap

    Dalia Abu Allam

    Passion: Parenting

    From a successful career at a BIG multinational company to a full time parenting educator

    Akram Yousry

    Passion: Product Design

    After dozens of failed trials to one of Egypt's leading product designers

    Kareem Saeed

    Passion: Game Design

    He has built Egypt's most famous park games and founder of Dragon Island

    Sara El Shamy

    Passion: Nutrition

    She started her business in less than 3 months, while she was pregnant!

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    3 Inspiring Talks

    3 video recorded talks from the 6th Passion To Profit annual conference. Sara El Shamy shares how she started her own business in less than 3 month while she was pregnant! Mostafa Mohamed shares his top 3 secrets to overcome your fears. And finally, Akram Yousry shares his ultra inspiring success story and PICASSO formula.

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