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  • The 10th Year Crisis!

    If you have 10+ years of experience in big organizations, then most probably, you are fed up of the corporate life and want to start your own business. But at the same time, you are afraid of giving up the stability and security of you current job and putting your family at risk. I've been there and know how painful it feels!


    Here's what you may be worried about now:


    Everyday, you'll regret giving up on your dreams and aspirations


    Your life experiences will always be limited to the size of your paycheck


    Your financial future will always be at the risk of layoffs, downsizing, etc.


    You will waste your time working hard to build someone else's dream


    You will always feel that you are missing something big, no matter how successful you become


    You will live an ordinary life while you can live an extraordinary one

    ... and more!

  • The Ultimate Solution

    Through Passion To Profit SystemTM, you will discover a unique and easy process to start a successful small business beside your current job. As it grows, you will gain more confidence and feel safe to quit your job to focus on scaling your business and fulfilling your dreams.

    It won't just be any business.


    It is going to be a PASSION-BASED business, where you can make more money and more impact doing what you love!


    ...where you are free to live your life on your own terms.


    ...where you live a significant life you can be proud of.

  • The Perfect Time To Start Your Own Business

    Here are seven reasons why it has never been easier to start a successful business:

    1. Technology

    If you've a laptop and an internet connection, you have access to all the tools and information you need to start

    2. Outsourcing

    Using the freelancing platforms, you can save time and money by outsourcing every skill your business needs

    3. Prototype

    You don't need mass production. You can easily and quickly create a prototype to test and validate your idea

    4. Space

    You can use co-working spaces to rent an affordable office space and work wherever you want

    5. Automation

    There are unlimited number of softwares and apps that can almost automate every part of your business

    6. Advertising

    Through social media, you can spend far less money to reach thousands of highly targeted customers in no time

    7. Cost

    All of the above make you more resourceful and allow you to start your business with zero to minimum cost

  • The Zero-Risk Process

    Passion To Profit SystemTM consists of 4 simple, risk-free steps



    Do my Passion Menu Method® to discover the field you are most passionate about. This will make owning a business such an enjoyable and fulfilling experience



    Apply my unique 30-Minute Startup® Framework to develop your passion, connect with the right people and discover winning business opportunities by only working 30 min/day



    Answer the most important question in business that will help you uncover a unique, profitable business idea, identify your ideal customers and stay ahead of the competition



    Use my Minimal Business Formula® to easily start a profitable business and attract your ideal customers who appreciate what you offer and pay you what you deserve

  • What The Legend Says

    Watch what Michael E. Gerber, the world's #1 entrepreneurship guru, says about the Passion To Profit SystemTM

  • Mohamed Tohami

    Chief Dreamer and Founder, The Passion Point
    Creator of The Passion To Profit System™

    Mohamed Tohami is one of the world's leading experts in motivation and entrepreneurship.


    He is the founder of The Passion Point, a community organization that provides a one-of-a-kind supportive ecosystem where you connect with like minded people and mentors who help you implement the Passion To Profit SystemTM and overcome any challenge in your journey to start you own business.

    Through his books, online courses, live seminars and private mentoring, he has empowered hundreds of people to start their own passion-based businesses in almost every field you can think of.


    He is known for his series of interviews with ultra-successful people about their secrets of success, having recorded over 150 interviews with the world’s leading success and business gurus like Jim Cathcart, Michael E. Gerber, Ahmad Al Shugairi, Omar Samra and many more.

    On May 19, 2009, Mohamed Tohami’s first book, The Pharaohs’ Code, was Amazon's #1 bestselling motivational book. This book is your personal Rosetta Stone for unlocking the true meaning of your life.

    He is also the author of three internationally highly acclaimed books:

    • StoryNetworking: A Proven 4-Step System To Connect With Successful People.
    • Midway Simplicity: Easy Solutions To Simplify Your Life
    • Perk Up Your Profits: A Proven 4-Step System To Stimulate Revenues While Rewarding Your People.

    And finally his latest ultra inspiring novel, "الأسطورة سبعة" (The Legend 7). In this novel, you will be motivated and inspired to follow the 7 principles of passionate living and awaken all your dreams again.


    Mohamed Tohami was the past president of Cairo Toastmasters. Toastmasters International is the world’s leading public speaking & leadership development organization.

    His experience with Toastmasters polished his speaking skills like no other. The Toastmasters experience, being coached by Mike Landrum (Executives speaking coach), and being mentored by Jim Cathcart (The world's most award winning speaker) are the three main reasons that contributed to helping him become Egypt's leading motivational speaker.


    He's also a professional member of the Global Speakers Federation and the (USA) National Speakers Association, the premier organizations for professional speakers.


    Tohami is the founder of the Passion to Profit Community. It is a unique community of 2000+ passionate people who support each other to pursue their passions and fulfill their dreams.


    He is also the co-host of the Passion To Profit Podcast. It's a globally recognized online radio show full of information and inspiration to empower you to start your own passion-based business.


    On April 2015, and by applying the Passion To Profit SystemTM, Tohami launched a second business, based on his passion for chess, called Chess Your Child. It's Egypt's first and biggest academy for teaching kids chess as a great tool for character building.

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    My dream is to transform the state of unfulfilled employees worldwide.

    I strongly believe that the corporate life is very limiting. Humans beings are created to live freely and enjoy a bigger and more fulfilling life. I want to see a world where more employees are empowered to start their own businesses and transform their lives from making a living to making a difference.

    Only then can you experience true happiness, knowing that:


    • You can earn more money doing what you love
    • You are free to live your life on your own terms
    • You are living a significant life you can be proud of

    It won't happen overnight. Actually, it should NOT happen overnight. In order to minimize risk, you must be patient and take small daily steps towards achieving your dream.


    Passion To Profit SystemTM is a proven process that will help you start your own passion-based busienss in the safest and easiest way possible.

    Enjoy the process and start today living your most fulfilling life ever!


    Passion Is King!
    Mohamed Tohami

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