• "How To Avoid The #1 Reason for Business Failure"

    by Mohamed Tohami, Amazon's #1 bestselling author,
    chief dreamer & founder of Passion Point

  • So...

    You started a small business in a field you're passionate about. 

    You've a great product that you're proud of.

    But for some reason, it seems like no one is interested in buying what you are offering.

    And, your business is facing a hard time reaching its true potential.

  • Here're Some Important Stats To Consider


    of businesses in Egypt fail due to lack of profitability or problems getting financing. Most people start without a solid marketing strategy, hoping that when they build it, customers will come.


    of startups fail due to lack of market need


    of small businesses don’t use content marketing. This means that three in four businesses misses the opportunity to leverage the most cost-effective marketing channel


    of people start their businesses to become their own boss or pursue their passion.

    Now, It's Obvious...

    Based on the stats above, it is clear that the #1 reason for small business failure is
    that most small business owners are PRODUCT EXPERTS, NOT MARKETING EXPERTS


    You know everything about your product, but very little about how to market it profitably

  • The #1 Business Mistake

    Outsourcing your marketing!

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    Life at Risk

    The two main building blocks of any business are: PRODUCT & MARKETING


    If someone is in total charge of your marketing, it is like giving someone total control of your breathing ... at any moment you can be out of air, if he is not good enough or if he leaves you!

    Can You Afford It?

    It is extremely rare that you'll find a skillful and trustworthy marketer, who is as passionate about your product and your dream as you are.


    And even if you found someone, most likely you won't be able to afford his fees.

    Hire for Execution

    The only solution is to become an avid marketing student. This way you can set up a successful marketing strategy for your business. And, if needed, you can hire someone for masterful execution.

  • What Happens When You Fix Your Marketing?

    Three Things ...

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  • You Need a Marketing System

    You don't need an MBA or spending hundreds of hours studying theoretical information that is not applicable to your small business. You just need to learn and deploy a simple marketing system once, and let it generate a consistent flow of new customers month after month, like a well-oiled machine. We call it the BEE Marketing System®



    Identify your most profitable market niche, your ideal customer and the magnetic marketing message that is going to attract them



    Engage your ideal customers in a trust building process that makes you their #1 preferred choice in the market, no matter how much you charge



    Create a systematic way to delight your customers, so that they tell everyone about you, buy more from you and become loyal fans



    Measure and optimize the performance of every step in your marketing system, so that you always improve and achieve better results

  • What Happens Next?

    When you master this simple marketing system, you're going to have an increasing flow of new customers every month
    ... and your only problem will be how to expand your capacity, so that you can serve more people!

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    About Tohami

    Chief Dreamer and Founder of Passion Point

    Mohamed Tohami is a bestselling author of 5 books, small business expert and founder of 3 successful businesses.


    He is an avid marketing student for more than 10 years and is always testing new strategies and tactics on his own business and his private coaching clients'.


    Tohami also received private coaching from the world's top business and marketing gurus like the legendary Michael E. Gerber, the world's #1 entrepreneurship expert and bestselling author of The E-Myth.


    Until finally, he created a stunning marketing system for small business success called the BEE Marketing System®


    It shows you how to become the #1 choice in your market, regardless of your business size. Think bee!

  • Here's a Sample of What You're Going To Learn In the Passion Marketing Mastery Workshop

    ...and there is much more!

    • The 7 principles of marketing success
    • How to select the most profitable market niche/segment
    • The #1 reason for marketing failure and how to avoid it
    • The PVP method for identifying your ideal customer profile
    • The 2 most important questions in business. Answer them correctly and you will have a winning business
    • How to attract your ideal customers by crafting your magnetic marketing message
    • How to raise interest in what you offer by delivering a 90-SECOND MARKETING pitch
    • The top 5 marketing channels to reach your ideal customers
    • How to build your lead generation machine to turn total strangers into loyal customers
    • Content marketing is useless! It's time for Direct Response Content Marketing. It is the only way to make your social media efforts worthwhile.
    • The 5Cs method for writing ads that sell
    • The 3 ways to grow your business exponentially
    • The right way to use word-of-mouth marketing. Most businesses lose a lot of money by leaving it to chance.
    • The top 5 business numbers you need to know, measure and optimize regularly. These numbers can make or break your business.
    • How to calculate the exact marketing budget you need to achieve your target profits.
    • ... and much much more

    Top 5 Benefits of Attending The Workshop

    World Class, Interactive Training

    Learn a proven 4-step marketing system for taking your business to the next level. We will work together to ensure you walk away with a crystal clear, ready to implement, marketing plan for your business.

    Lifetime Access

    Free lifetime access to Passion Marketing Mastery online course. This way you can revise the content again at anytime, and benefit from any future updates and add-ons to the curriculum.

    Private Mentorship

    We only accept 5 participants in the workshop, so that you and Tohami can dive deep into the specifics of your business and get customized advice on how to dramatically improve your results.


    Usually clients pay up to 5,000 EGP for one hour of private business coaching with Tohami. So if you will spend 14 hours with him (the workshop duration), you would expect to pay 70,000 EGP.


    So this is a great chance to get private mentorship from Tohami at a very affordable cost.


    You will network with like-minded business owners and you can find great ways for mutual cooperation.

    Special discount

    10% discount on the business services offered at Passion Point (e.g. copywriting, visual branding, website development, etc.)

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    4,900 EGP

    Registration Due Date


  • 100% Money Back Guarantee!

    You've nothing to lose and everything to gain with our money back guarantee

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    You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't find this to be the best practical system to market and grow your business, just let us know and we'll offer you a prompt refund.