• Discover How to Make Your Brand Stand Out!

    Are you looking to make your brand something people can't forget?


    "Resonance: How To Take Your Brand From Silence to Spotlight" is your go-to guide.


    This book will show you how to make your brand shine and grab everyone's attention.

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  • What Will You Find Inside the Book?

    "Resonance" is packed with tips and insights on how to get your brand noticed:


    • From Ordinary to Outstanding: Find out how to make your business the one everyone talks about, without being pushy.
    • The Frequency of Fortune: Learn how to send out the right messages that connect perfectly with what your audience wants.
    • Crafting The Irresistible Call: Master the skill of making offers that people can’t turn down.
  • Who Should Read This Book?

    • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: Make your brand’s voice louder in a busy market.
    • Marketing Professionals: Improve your marketing strategies with secrets that tap into what drives customer decisions.
    • Aspiring Leaders: Create a brand that truly reflects your dreams and ideals.
  • About The Author: Mohamed Tohami

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    Mohamed Tohami is the CEO & founder of Passion Point, an award-winning entrepreneur and an Amazon Bestselling Author of six books.


    His notable accomplishments have earned him the prestigious Stevie® Awards, where he was recognized as the Best Business Influencer of the Year, Best Entrepreneur of the Year, and for his Achievement in Thought Leadership.


    He is the creator of ATHR Awards, the world's first award program honoring impact-driven entrepreneurs worldwide.


    Beyond his professional accomplishments, Tohami finds fulfillment as a blessed father of three children and as a black-belt Aikido practitioner, showcasing his dedication to personal growth and balanced well-being.


    With his wealth of experience, global recognition, and unwavering commitment to promoting passionate living, Mohamed Tohami continues to dream about a world where passion drives impact!